I Call You Son

I call you Son
Because you were conceived in strength and love
Birthed in a dream by men who fought to be seen passed the deep hues of pigmented skin
I call you Son
To school you
Guide you if you will
Thru paradigm shifts to set free the imprisoned mind unlocked with the key of experience
I call you Son
To raise you up on strong shoulders
Elevate you to heights unknown
As glass ceilings shatter and faith in your ability is truly colorblind
You are my Son
Shaped from the clay of diamond filled lands
God called you Good
Placed on Earth to name all things that dwell in the vastness of the universe
Gift to my heart
Jewel in the crown set atop my curly cloud
Released to the world as you will change it into something my eyes have never seen
Rise my Son
Answer the call of the Spirits of those whose bodies swung like strange fruit on limbs
Buried under cities forgotten
But you will make them see dreams no longer deferred
Blossoming into full bloom
To raise a people who cannot fully assimilate and
are shunned even by those that speak a foreign tongue
Self actualization of tribes and nations received back into the arms of the Motherland by which you were stolen from
I call you Son
And say Go

K.Denyse 2013